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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First day of new session...

2009 session began on IMS campus today silently.
Few classes held today mainly of MBA(FT) and MBA(FA).
III sem students of FA ans MM were busy in preparing for the induction ceremony of their juniors.

Post on Orkut's IMS community..

This is message posted by Bhanupria Vishvakarma MBA(FA) III sem. on orkut's IMS community.

Hello IMSians , I extend a warm welcome to FA batch 2k11 on behalf batch of 2k10… This is a new beginning for you guys and gals… So all the best to everyone…
IMS is a legend … A glory spread over 4 decades… and I hope you people will continue to uphold the glory of IMS…
I began a thread at PagalGuy Life@IMS with an aim to popularize IMS all over the country … But I am Kinda doing it all alone… So I m looking forward to my juniors to contribute in what I am doing…
Bhanupriya aka Elixir19

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


New session is about to start at IMS.
College will be open from 15/07/09.
IMS is about to welcome new batch of MBA(FA) and MBA(MM) on 16/07/09.

Courses Offered

Academic Programs :-

MBA (Full Time)
The Master of Business Administration is a two year full time programme is aimed at bringing together students of various backgrounds from all over India and grooming their conceptual and analytical skills so as to streamline the talents to adapt to the ever demanding requirements of the modern business world.

The MBA programme spread over four semesters aiming at imparting quality management education in specialized areas of Marketing, Finance, Information Systems and Human Resources Development designed to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the market.

Students are exposed to various dimensions of management and behavioral sciences with dual specialization - major and minor.

MBA(Financial Adminsitration) Progarmme
Recognizing the need for the business school curriculum to incorporate the requirements of corporate changes and to prepare today's graduates for the new and varied challenges offered by the real business world, IMS conceived Master of Financial Administration in 1995.

The MBA(FA) is a two-year full time tailor made programme engineered to impart quality management education arising out of fundamental rethinking in Capital Market, Financial Services, International Finance, Insurance and other financial areas.

The MBA(FA) programme aims to equip the students with the requisite knowledge and skills in financial planning, decision making and control.

MBA(Marketing Management) Programme
Keeping in mind the need of specialized people in Marketing, this course was started.
This course not only imparts the specialized knowledge of every aspect of marketing but it also grooms the student to be creative, influential speaker and a go-getter.

MBA(MM) programme provides student management education combined with specialized knowledge in Brand management, Advertising, Industrial marketing, Retailing, Marketing Research.

MBA and BBA(e-commerce)
The MBA (e-commerce) programme at IMS is conducted with the following primary objectives :Enriching the students with interdisciplinary and multidimensional flavor to IT and management.
Bridging the gap between management and technology, Enhancing the capacity for creative thinking, problem solving and decision making, Emphasizing on initiative building and self development, Grooming the students with the latest trends in the changing business scenario and familiarizing them with integrative business processes are main objestive of this course.

BBA & MBA (Hospital Administration) Programme
The BBA & MBA(HA) programme at IMS is conducted with the following primary objectives :
Developing effective hospital managers capable of fulfilling the needs of twenty first century by imparting knowledge and skills required in the area of hospital administration.
Providing quality educational inputs, attitude and personality development facilities.
Equipping students with up to date knowledge of modern management concepts and techniques.
Providing consultancy services to business organizations and public system.
Grooming the students for health care industry including hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and other commercial organizations.

Recognizing the need for the business school curriculum to incorporate the requirements of environment changes and to prepare today’s graduates for the new and varied challenges offered by the real social economic world, IMS conceived Master of Business Administration (Disaster Management) in 2007.
The main objective of the program is to equip the students with the requisite knowledge and skills in planning, decision making and control, specifically in the field of Disaster Management.

MBA (Part Time)
Masters of Business Administration - Part Time is a three-year programme offered by Institute of Management Studies designed to cater the need of pursuing management education for working executives.

MBA (Distance Education)
Masters of Business Administration - Distance Education is a three-year programme offered by Institute of Management Studies providing management education through correspondence to people located at far off places in various part of the country.

About us...

Established in 1969 as Department of Business Management of the university, and later became Institute Of Management Studies (DAVV), shares the responsibility to provide leadership in fulfilling the joint mission of education, research and training in management. The Institute is one amongst the top ranking B schools of the country. The Institute is UGC ‘s “Center Of Excellence in e-Management.” It has association with an USAID funded consortium with Tulane University, New Orleans, U.S.A., for teaching, training and research in Hospital Administration.

The Institute in its thirty-seven years of glorious existence has always strived to provide the industry with managers who excel in all sphere. The students are well groomed to meet the corporate challenges. Our endeavor has always been to blend technical excellence with strong fundamental skill and values. The Institute has maintained its high quality teaching while providing a climate for basic and applied research and offers programmes designed to meet the needs of the corporate world in the dynamic business scenario.

The Institute is spread over sixty acres and located in Takshashila campus. It Provides the students with academic environment and related modern equipments to facilitate better learning. The Institute has its own spacious building with multi- storied wings comprising number of well furnished classrooms, faculty chambers, administrative blocks, two computer centers, library, auditorium along with a conference hall.

The Institute has dedicated young and highly qualified faculty and is supported by distinguished visiting and guest faculty from industry and professions like consulting, chartered accountancy, etc. It has developed strong linkage with industry which has continuously provided it unstinted support and co-operation. The Institute is a Centre of Excellence in management education and research.